JOOLA TPE PERFORM JOOLA TPE PERFORM A progressed development of the JOOLA classic "Rosskopf-Emotion". J-000058 Cốt Vợt 1.950.000 đ Số lượng: 10 cái


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  • Giá bán: 1.950.000 đ

  • A progressed development of the JOOLA classic "Rosskopf-Emotion".

Số lượng

JOOLA TPE Series (Top-Player-Edition)

JOOLA presents with the Top-Player-Edition excellent competition blades for ambitious players, who require that something special. All blades have been developed by working together with our top contracted players and coaches, such as the German table tennis legend Jörg Roßkopf, the world class defensive player Chen Weixing or European champion Petrissa Solja. Compromises in the veneer selection or in the production of the TPE blades have not been made. Even the packaging is exceptional and of high value. The blades stand out due to their noble and elegant simplicity. Every blade is delivered in the highest quality.

A progressed development of the JOOLA classic "Rosskopf-Emotion". The selected Hinoki top layer is specially heated - due to this the blade is even more resistant against bending and guarantees high control even when carrying out the fastest shots. The built-in Carbon fibers not only enlarge the Sweetspot, but also help produce a higher, more spin-orientated ball flight.

61430 tpe perform

Weight approx. 85-90g
Additional Information

Veneer 5+2
Layers Hinoki, Koto, Carbon, Ayous
Weight incl. packaging 0.0850
Speed FAST
Technology CARBON

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